November 3: Messianic prophecy, Redemption and salvation

The ultimate redemption is through faith in Yeshua. He alone paid the price for our sins with His precious blood on the cross.

Job 33:23-28

But suppose there is an angel who will speak up for him.
    The angel is very special. He’s one out of a thousand.
    He will tell that person how to do what is right.
24 That angel will be gracious to them. He’ll say to God,
    ‘Spare them from going down into the grave.
    I know a way that can set them free.’
25 Then their body is made like new again.
    They become as strong and healthy as when they were young.
26 Then that person can pray to God and be blessed by him.
    They will see God’s face and shout for joy.
    God will make them well and happy again.
27 Then that person will come to others and say,
    ‘I sinned. I made what is wrong appear to be right.
    But I wasn’t punished as I should have been.
28 God has set me free. He has kept me from going down into the darkness of the grave.
    So I’ll live to enjoy the light of life.’

The ransom paid by Yeshua is the only atonement God accepts.

Leviticus 17:11

11 The life of each creature is in its blood. So I have given you the blood of animals to pay for your sin on the altar. Blood is life. That is why blood pays for your sin.

1 Peter 1:18-19

18 You were set free from an empty way of life. This way of life was handed down to you by your own people of long ago. You know that you were not bought with things that can pass away, like silver or gold. 19 Instead, you were bought with the priceless blood of Christ. He is a perfect lamb. He doesn’t have any flaws at all.



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