February 10: God’s unique relationship with Israel

When the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, the Jewish people were very sad and upset.  During their captivity, the time they were forced to live in Babylon, they had begun to develop a way to keep their identity and worship.   However, many years later the new Gentile church was confused about why the Temple was destroyed. The Gentiles came up with ideas about this that have led to two thousand years of problems and horrible crimes against the Jewish people.

Psalm 89: 28-37

I will continue to love him forever.
    I will never break my covenant with him.
29 I will make his family line continue forever.
    His kingdom will last as long as the heavens.

30 “What if his sons turn away from my laws
    and do not follow them?
31 What if they disobey my orders
    and fail to keep my commands?
32 Then I will punish them for their sins.
    I will strike them with a rod.
    I will whip them for their evil acts.
33 But I will not stop loving David.
    I will always be faithful to him.
34 I will not break my covenant.
    I will not go back on my word.
35 Once and for all, I have made a promise.
    It is based on my holiness.
    And I will not lie to David.
36 His family line will continue forever.
    His kingdom will last as long as the sun.
37 It will last forever like the moon,
    that faithful witness in the sky.”




Biblical Feasts and Holidays for 2019
                   Purim March 20-21, 2019

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