December 4: The Nations

Isaiah 43:3-4

I am the Lord your God,
 the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
 I gave Egypt for your ransom,
 Ethiopia and Seba in your place.

Since you were precious in My sight, 
you have been honored, 
and I have loved you;
 therefore I will give men for you,
 and people for your life.

It would be very easy to ignore or to misinterpret this passage of Scripture.  You might be feeling, “This is very unfair of God.”  But dare we say that?  Is not the God of Israel perfect in all His ways?  Is He not entitled to make choices based on His perfect and complete knowledge?

There is no way to escape the very clear meaning and warning of this passage – a warning to any nation or people who dares to come against Israel.  Egypt is the first and most obvious example.

After first welcoming Israel, eventually Egypt turned against Israel, making the Jewish people slaves.  When God delivered and redeemed Israel, it cost Egypt destruction, devastation and the death of their first-born.


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