October 23:Israel’s Redemption & Salvation


There are many Jewish people who are sincerely trying to worship God.  Sadly they are bound in traditions and activities that lead to a shallow and dead religion.  In His grace and mercy God promises a way to life through a personal relationship with Him.

Israel’s redemption and salvation is God’s ultimate “marvelous work and wonder.”

Isaiah 29:13-14

Therefore the Lord said:

“Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths 
and honor Me with their lips, 
but have removed their hearts far from Me, 
and their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men,

Therefore, behold, I will again do a marvelous work 
among this people, 
a marvelous work and a wonder;  
for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, 
and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hidden.”

The Apostle Paul equates the salvation of a Jewish person with “life from the dead.”

Romans 11:13-15

For I speak to you Gentiles; inasmuch as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, if by any means I may provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them. For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?


 [Jaffa Gate plaza]23 Jaffa Gate plaza

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