November 4: God’s unique relationship with Israel

The prayers of the Jewish people are always founded on their unique relationship with Israel. From the beginning of Israel’s history as a nation God has continuously brought both discipline and deliverance.  God’s faithfulness to an unfaithful nation is a witness to the world of His character and His ways. 

Psalm 74:1-8

O God, why have You cast us off forever?
Why does Your anger smoke against the sheep of Your pasture?
Remember Your congregation, which You have purchased of old,
The tribe of Your inheritance, which You have redeemed—
This Mount Zion where You have dwelt.
Lift up Your feet to the perpetual desolations.
The enemy has damaged everything in the sanctuary.
Your enemies roar in the midst of Your meeting place;
They set up their banners for signs.
They seem like men who lift up
Axes among the thick trees.
And now they break down its carved work, all at once,
With axes and hammers.
They have set fire to Your sanctuary;
They have defiled the dwelling place of Your name to the ground.
They said in their hearts,
“Let us destroy them altogether.”
They have burned up all the meeting places of God in the land.


Yotvata Hai Bar Nature reserve


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