November 24:God is Israel’s Protector

Because of the current hostilities between the Gaza Strip and Israel, it’s good to remember two very important facts:

  1. God unique relationship with Israel
  2. God’s promise to be her protector
Even if the pounding of the rockets and missiles cease in the near future, we know that they will begin again and again and again until Yeshua comes to establish His Messianic Kingdom. 

God is not only Israel’s Savior; He is her Protector, her Deliverer.

Isaiah 31:4-5

For thus the Lord has spoken to me:

“As a lion roars,
And a young lion over his prey
(When a multitude of shepherds is summoned against him,
He will not be afraid of their voice
Nor be disturbed by their noise),
So the Lord of hosts will come down
To fight for Mount Zion and for its hill.
 Like birds flying about,
So will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem.
Defending, He will also deliver it;
Passing over, He will preserve it.


Jewish settlers remove the Menorah from the synagogue in the Netzarim settlement, in the Gaza Strip, August 22, 2005.
Israeli troops marched unopposed into the Gaza Strip’s last Jewish settlement to complete the evacuation of the territory after nearly four decades of occupation.

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