July 29: Tisha b’Av

– Israel refuses correction

The problem is not God’s.  The fault is not His.  He repeatedly sent warnings and opportunities for the people to change.  Israel’s heart was hard because the people had forgotten God.

Jeremiah 2:29-32

“Why will you plead with Me?

You all have transgressed against Me,” says the Lord.

 “In vain I have chastened your children;

They received no correction.

Your sword has devoured your prophets

Like a destroying lion.

 “O generation, see the word of the Lord!

Have I been a wilderness to Israel,

Or a land of darkness?

Why do My people say, ‘We are lords;

We will come no more to You’?

Can a virgin forget her ornaments,

Or a bride her attire?

Yet My people have forgotten Me days without number.


Mosaic of Roman plunder of Jerusalem.
Mosaic of Roman plunder of Jerusalem.

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