January 31: Righteousness

 God is patient and long suffering, but there comes a time when He must discipline Israel in truth and righteousness.  But He has and will never forsake the people or the land. 

Jeremiah 6:6-8

For thus has the Lord of hosts said:

“Cut down trees,
And build a mound against Jerusalem.
This is the city to be punished.
She is full of oppression in her midst.
As a fountain wells up with water,
So she wells up with her wickedness.
Violence and plundering are heard in her.
Before Me continually are grief and wounds.
Be instructed, O Jerusalem,
Lest My soul depart from you;
Lest I make you desolate,
A land not inhabited.”


Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations, Yad Vashem Jerusalem

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