January 23: Christian Anti-Semitism – Ghetto

– Ghetto

The “ghetto” refers to an enclosed place where European Jews were once relegated to live. Compulsory segregation of Jews was common in medieval Europe, from the 12th century until the after the Holocaust.  The segregation of the Jews became popular in the 16th” and continued through the 18th.

Pope Paul IV issued a proclamation, which required the Jews of Rome to live in separate quarters and also severely restricted their rights. The ghettos were crowded and unsanitary in area that regularly was flooded by the Tiber River.

The rest of the city was being built up with magnificent churches making it seem that the ghetto was the consequences of denying the divinity of Christ.

After the Holocaust, the term has been used to mean poorer neighborhoods; but these ghettos never were built with walls to be locked and guarded.


Renounce the lie

The Jews, are a stiff-necked people who rejected their own prophets and eventually murdered Jesus, and were forfeited as the elect of God. (Pope Gregory 590-604)


Replace with truth

Romans 11:25b

Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. NKJV


Jewish ghettos were often surrounded by walls, locked doors and guards.

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