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  1. Mirja Haikonen says:

    I´m writing to you because I was in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles 2012
    and one day at the ICCJ I met with a man called Joseph, who presented me with the idea to pray for
    Israel during the lunch break and he gave me his card with the address of your website.
    I mentioned to him that I have been translating the flyer for the Day of Prayer for the
    Peace of Jerusalem -organisation from English into Finnish. He then mentioned that your
    organisation might need translations. I wonder if I could be of any help to you?
    I´m a born again Christian from Helsinki, Finland, and my email address is:

    Best regards,
    Mirja Haikonen

  2. mickie says:

    Question: Most of your daily prayer pictures are dated 2009. Is there a reason for this?
    I pray every night when I come home from work.
    Thank-you, WA state

    • joanie says:

      I use whatever I have or is sent to me. Some site/sights never change. In a few weeks I use pictures from the recent snow storm!

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