August 29: The Gathering and Return of the Jewish People

Isaiah 41:9

You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, 
and called from its farthest regions, 
and said to you, 
‘You are My servant, 
I have chosen you and have not cast you away.

The existence of the Jews, and their return to their homeland of Israel is proof that God is God.

  • He knows the end from the beginning
  • He is faithful to His word
  • His love never fails.



29 liberation

2 thoughts on “August 29: The Gathering and Return of the Jewish People

  1. Jane Langston says:

    The world is in chaos but Jesus sits on the throne with God the Father. Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem where Jesus our Lord will soon reign in majesty and righteousness for 1,000 years. Jesus our Messiah is coming back soon! Keep your faith and trust in Him alone. He will see us through the darkest days that lie ahead. Shalom!

  2. Danuta Glendenning says:

    I understand the celebratory mood of the prisoners. By the way they look too good to be the working wretched prisoners; they must have been the Jewish wardens guarding the prisoners. But then the homecoming was marred by the refusal of the occupiers of their houses to leave the properties, thus making aliyah the obvious choice.

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