August 12: Israel’s Righteousness

King Hezekiah was twenty-five when he became king of Judah.  His first priority was the restoration of the Temple and worship.  His father, Ahaz, was a very evil king who had encouraged the people to be unfaithful to the LORD.  Ahaz was very sincere in his rebellion and worshipped other gods.  He even sacrificed his children by burning them in fire.

But Hezekiah knew that God had brought great decline to the land and people because of their sin.

He led the people back to God.

Sincerity is not enough to please God when we worship people or gods of our own choosing.  Religion is not righteousness.



2 Chronicles 29:3, 27-29, 35-36

In the first year of his reign, in the first month, he opened the doors of the house of the Lord and repaired them.

Then Hezekiah commanded them to offer the burnt offering on the altar. And when the burnt offering began, the song of the Lord also began, with the trumpets and with the instruments of David king of Israel. So all the assembly worshiped, the singers sang, and the trumpeters sounded; all this continued until the burnt offering was finished. And when they had finished offering, the king and all who were present with him bowed and worshiped.

So the service of the house of the Lord was set in order. Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced that God had prepared the people, since the events took place so suddenly.

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